‘”Come for the fun facts about Iceland, stay for the renegade obituary writer”

-Are Minions Latino? The podcasts you should listen to this weekend: The Guardian Regarding Episode 4: Letters to The Dead

“This week’s episode of Memory Motel is a fascinating, emotional look at the art of the obituary and how tributes to the dead reflect the cultural beliefs of the living.”

Podmass A.V Club regarding Episode 4: Letters to The Dead

“Kirstin Enmark was a bank stenographer in Stockholm, until she became famous as the first person diagnosed with Stockholm Syndrome. She goes back to the scene of the crime, and explains what happened inside the bank—and how she began to sympathize with her captors over the four days of her ordeal, even though one of them wouldn’t stop singing “Killing Me Softly.”

Best Podcasts of the Week: Plumbers on the Death Star and 4 Other Must-Hear Podcasts: Wired Regarding Episode 13: Ideal Hostage

“Like “A Little Bit of Grace,” their standout episode from last year, “Message in a Bottle” doesn’t shy away from showing just how these personal anecdotes leave room for uncertainty. Memories are slippery things and, even when those memories power our understanding of the world, those tiny gaps still remain.”

13 Must-Listen Podcast Episodes from January 2017: IndieWire regarding Episode 14: Message In A Bottle

“To celebrate LGBT History Month, Memory Motel’s Terence Mickey interviews Eric Marcus, author of Making Gay History, on why he’s revisiting old tapes from the late 1980s and listening to voices from the past today.”

Must Listen: What Can Queen Voices of the Past Teach Us Today? -Out Magazine regarding Episode 10: Not by Accident

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